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Alfie Jones

Alfie has a degree in English with creative writing and has enjoyed a variety of jobs, from working as a busker and a music teacher to being a street fundraiser, team leader for Friends of the Earth and Amnesty International and eventually moving into sales, marketing and business development for digital agencies. When he’s not juggling the demands of work, he is driving forward plans for an eco-village, cooking up vegan delights, running and travelling. Other interests include Burnley Football Club, sustainability, electric cars, folk singing, improv comedy, leadership and ethics.

Lux Fatimathas

Lux has a degree in neuroscience and a PhD in cell biology, which led to a brief career as a lab scientist. Before joining Cahoot, Lux worked in science communications, science publishing and event management in London and Singapore. Popular science, healthcare and medicine still float her boat, as does British history and all things science fiction. When it comes to switching off from work, Lux loves to cook, bake, run and do Pilates.

Kirsty Miller

Kirsty spends her days nurturing young minds as a primary school teacher. When she isn’t corralling classes of excited children, she expertly edits copy across all of our healthcare divisions here at Cahoot. When it’s time to relax, Kirsty enjoys cooking up a storm and escaping into a good film or TV show.

Bobbie Kilip

Bobbie has a wealth of experience designing and building websites for the UK tourism industry and was formerly a web accessibility expert, copywriter for a DIY website and a listings editor for a local magazine. Today Bobbie wears 2 different hats at Cahoot, as a copywriter and an editor. In her spare time she gives technology lessons to the elderly and anyone else new to digital technology. Outside of work, she loves travel, arts and crafts and cooking.

Cat Stott

Cat is our resident Jack of all trades, having worked in gardening, organic farming, complementary therapies, counselling and psychological therapies, catering, theatre, events, the circus, car-washing and valeting. On top of all of this, she has a keen interest in the environmental sciences, climate change, biotechnology, green investing, sustainable energy and buildings and global population changes. In her free time, Cat enjoys paddleboarding, snorkelling, yoga and dance.

Cat Onisko

Cat is a professional proofreader and copyeditor and has worked in customer relations. When the working week ends, Cat enjoys yoga, meditation and nature walks. She also loves discovering hidden gems in charity shops and at vintage fairs. A voracious reader, Cat is especially engrossed by books on biochemistry, nutrition, and holistic approaches to health.

Robb Cunningham

Robb has a degree in French, a Masters in economics and is fluent in German. His working days are spent supporting business growth and innovation through an SME accelerator network and, of course, copywriting for Cahoot. Promoting low carbon, climate-positive and resource-efficient businesses is what he does day to day. When he isn’t on the clock, Robb spends his time making wooden furniture, cycling, trail running and hiking.

Lotus Finch

Lotus has spent years working in event management, organising everything from festivals to council-run shows. Racking up an array of different anatomy and physiology qualifications, Lotus currently teaches for the NHS alongside copywriting for Cahoot. All things holistic are right up Lotus’ street, with her time outside of work spent mentoring, life coaching, gardening and doing yoga. Other interests include massage, NLP, psychology, cooking and travel.

Katie Fresolone

Katie has a degree in history and went on to build a career in business development for a start-up company focused on translation services; Katie herself is fluent in Polish. Growing up she spent much of her time helping her family run their restaurant and went on to manager several restaurants herself. Today, in addition to working as a copywriter for Cahoot, Katie runs SEO and PPC campaigns for small businesses.

Ed Garland

Ed is currently studying for a PhD in English literature focusing on fictional sound. Before he dived into his postgraduate studies, he worked as a clerk in the County and Family courts and wrote for the Public and Commercial Services trade union paper Justice Matters. When he isn’t knee-deep in research for his PhD or copywriting for Cahoot, Ed enjoys escaping into a good book.

Jamie Nobes

Jamie has a HND in photography and is a technophile. Jamie creates content for a large number of social accounts for Cahoot and writes on a range of topics and businesses for social platforms, mainly Linkedin Facebook and Twitter and more recently Instagram. When he isn’t working or playing with his 2 young sons down on the beach, Jamie enjoys PC gaming, films and music.

Emma Otusajo

Emma has a degree in events management and earned her stripes as a writer producing content covering events, sustainability and HR. Beyond events management, Emma has also dedicated much of her career to supporting social care, social housing and mental health. She’s worked with vulnerable groups within the community, including the elderly, those with dementia and individuals with mental health issues. Juggling work and motherhood, Emma also squeezes in time to play the guitar, read and discover new cultures through travel and food.

Tobie Lang

Tobie has years of experience in filming and editing video footage and has also spent time teaching his trade at college and university. When he isn’t behind a camera or handling AV equipment, Tobie enjoys reading Stephen King and Neil Gaiman novels, watching horror films and anime, PS4 gaming, dog walking and cooking. He’s also a real fan of smart home technology.

Louise Corpin

After a decade spent working in banking, Louise switched to a career in marketing. Things that put a smile on her face include singing, dancing, reading and binge-watching shows on Netflix. Louise supports Cahoot managers with administratie and other tasks. Other interests include travel, healthy living and most importantly sustainability — Louise endeavours to live life with a ‘no plastic’ policy.

Lovisa Svarden

Lovisa is unique in having both an analytical eye from her undergraduate studies in the biological sciences as well as linguistic prowess as our resident English-to-Swedish translator, with a diploma from Lund University in English translation and grammar. When she isn’t busy translating, Lovisa enjoys the thrills and spills of skateboarding and calm and balance of yoga.

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