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Cahoot was born out of a desire to make marketing more positive, more creative and more authentic.

Back in 2015, we noticed there was a gap in the market for an agency which specialised in creating white label copy and content for other marketing agencies. At the same time, we wanted to build a company that was a force for good in the world

Alfie Jones – Director, Cahoot Marketing
By forming strong agency partnerships in the healthcare sector we quickly grew from a small team of writers to a 30-strong content team of specialist copywriters, editors and graphic designers.

At Cahoot, we believe content marketing can be a real force for good; actively aiming to dispel some of the myths and stereotypes about the marketing industry by offering straightforward, clear and engaging content for our agency partners and their clients. Our team have been carefully recruited to accord with our shared values; we are a positive, hardworking and friendly bunch.


So What’s Unique About Us?

We only partner with healthcare agencies. This specialisation affords us a deep understanding of both your business and the needs of your clients. Our team of UK-based, graduate level (or above) writers, are trained up by industry. When we say we have industry experience we mean it! For example, in our current ranks we have industry experienced writers, lab scientists, nurses, NHS trainers, law students, fitness fanatics, nutritionists, economists and PhD Biologists.

Agencies that partner with us have cost-effective access to a wide range of industry experienced writers and consistent delivery of content without the headache of managing multiple freelancers or in-house copywriters.

It has been a pleasure to work with the Cahoot team. Work is completed to a high standard and can be turned around very quickly! They really take the time to understand your product or service which helps to generate copy that sounds and feels authentic.

In our case our product was directed at the healthcare industry and it was fantastic to see that the copywriters knew the market really well which meant they were able to create more technical and market specialist pieces. They are also great at providing new ideas to help bring different pieces of content to life, helping you to stand out from your competitors.

Vanessa Da Cunha – Marketing Executive, Prosell

At Cahoot we know how challenging it can be to find specialist content creators who are not only excellent writers, but who also understand how marketing works.

All Cahoot content is:

  • Industry Compliant
  • High Quality, Engaging, Unique
  • SEO Duplicate Tested as Required
  • Peer Reviewed and Edited
  • ASA & CQC Compliant
The Cahoot Team
Our Values

We aim to be ‘CAHOOT’ in everything that we do. Being ‘CAHOOT’ is a means to ensure that our gold standard service is applied to internal staff and external clients alike.

Collaborative. We understand the importance of co-creation. We listen to your needs and work with you to reach your goals.
Authentic. We are real people and we take genuine pride in our work. You only need to meet us once to understand.
Helpful. We have a keen sense of justice and strong charitable beliefs. We don’t just want to help our clients and each other, but also our communities.
On the ball. We stay one step ahead of the latest trends in the ever-changing world of content marketing.
Ourselves. We are proud to be a very hard-working, highly experienced and dedicated content marketing team.
Transparent. We don’t believe in hiding anything. Our processes and pricing are open for our clients to see and there are no unexpected charges or fees.


Festive Friends
Cahoot Charity Days

We are the proud founders of Festive Friends, a grass-roots, volunteer-led community project in East Bristol. The event provides an absolutely free 3 course Christmas meal to 100 isolated older people and their carers from deprived areas each year and connects them both to local services and to each other. Contact us to get involved. Like the Festive Friends Facebook page here.

Cahoot Charity Days

We are also proud to support “GoSustain”, London’s only Ted-style day of talks on sustainability. The event brings together speakers on a range of sustainability topics from sustainable housing to zero waste living. Contact us to get involved. Website here.

The Sanctuary
Cahoot Charity Days

We are in the very early stages of planning an Eco-Village! Based on sustainable principles we are bringing together like-minded individuals to create a conscious eco-village and local community resource in South Wales as part of its One Planet Development Initiative.

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