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BY Cahoot Marketing – 3 YEARS AGO

Boosting Your Facebook Company Page

It’s frustrating, isn’t it. You’ve poured time, energy, relentless optimism and all of your money into setting up your own business. You have smashed through towering doubts, ignored less than supportive friends and relatives and finally – finally! – you actually did it. You now have something brilliant to sell, so it’s all aboard the social media train. You’ve set up your Facebook page and told your family, friends, colleagues and people at the bus stop, and over the first few weeks, the Likes came flooding in. But then… it stopped.

When you’ve exhausted all your real-life contacts, how on earth do you get potential new customers to Like your page? Most of the information available is outdated or costs money – so how do you boost your Likes for free? I did a little investigation and found the these four simple, yet easy to miss points kept coming up:

1. Complete your page
Have you completed your whole business page profile? When users are being proactive, make sure the words they’re searching for are actually contained within your page, or they’ll miss you.

2. Get plugged in
Get a page plugin and allow your audience to view and Like your page without actually leaving your website.

3. People love a competition
Run a Like and Share/Comment competition. Sort out a suitable prize, then spread the word amongst your network. Choose your prize wisely; it should represent your company but also appeal to your Followers and their friends when they see the shared post.

4. Engage as your Page
Engage as your page – where possible, click the 3 dots box to the right of where you’d normally Like a page and select ‘Like As…”. Similarly, use the dropdown box to change profile when creating posts, liking or commenting.

The proof is in the pudding, however. Give these tips a try and see what it does for your Facebook company page – let me know how you do!

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